Architecture is known as the Culmination of the Arts.

Architecture is also defined as “the balance of art and engineering sciences. Architecture requires the creative manipulation and coordination of material, technology, light and shadow.”

Architect Brett Petry has been working towards these goals continuously for 25 years now. The following are samples taken from over 350 completed and built Architecture projects, ranging from project types...(read more)


Architect Brett Petry began designing and building furniture in 1999, introducing the “etopa” line of sustainable furniture for the multi-national cosmetic corporation Aveda.

Teakworks was subsequently originated by friends and associates Jeffrey Wolpert and Jeff Archer to produce this initial line of Aveda furniture. Over one hundred artisans and craftsmen joined Mr. Wolpert in production in the Jakarta Indonesia facility to produce the pieces for world wide distribution. 

Teakworks and Petry continue to collaborate today with new designs and pieces continually built for select clients. All pieces... (read more)